Tips for Balcony Gardening

How to Choose the Right Plants

Sometimes, all you need to elevate a good homemade dish to an excellent meal is a sprig of rosemary or a pinch of oregano. So if you’re a foodie, growing your own herbs is almost a necessity – and you don’t need a lot of space to do so. You can create a mini garden on an apartment patio or balcony.

Get started on your apartment garden with these tips:

Focus on Favorites

When herbs get the right mix of soil, water, and sunshine, they tend to produce more new growth than any one person can use in a season. So if it’s your first time growing herbs, start with three or four herbs you can use frequently in your favorite meals.

Pick Plants Based on Sunlight

Take a look at your patio or balcony several times throughout a day, so you can see how much sunlight you can expect. Some herbs – basil, oregano, and thyme, for example – need at least six hours of daily sunlight (but if your outdoor space isn’t that sunny, you might be able to grow these herbs indoors on a sunny windowsill).

Plant Herbs in Separate Containers

Because herbs may have different water, light, and soil requirements, they should be planted in separate pots. Planting them individually allows you to move them around if they don’t seem to be faring well in a particular spot.

Get Plants That You Can Keep Up With

If you don’t have much time for maintenance or are sometimes forgetful about watering, pick a low-maintenance herb like thyme or rosemary. Basil needs to be pinched-back frequently to keep producing new growth, and cilantro needs to be cut back often, once it’s about 4 inches tall.

Grow Lettuce

Lettuce is relatively low-maintenance and if you live in Brownsburg Indiana apartments, the climate is suitable for growing lettuce from spring into fall – just sow seeds every few weeks, so you always have a fresh crop.

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