Summer Moving Tips for Pet Parents

Reduce Stress for Pets on Moving Day

When you have pets, moving to a new apartment requires a bit more planning – especially in the summertime. You want to keep your pets cool, safe, healthy, and protect them from stress as much as possible. The following checklist can help your summertime move go smoothly, for both you and your pets. 

Update vaccinations

Your property management company will want to see evidence that your pet’s vaccinations are up to date (especially if you have a dog and you’re moving to an apartment with a dog park). Take your pet(s) to the veterinarian at least a few weeks before your move-in date, and get a printed record of your pet’s vaccinations. While you’re at it, make sure you’re up to date with you pet’s flea medications.

Develop a move-day plan

Animals – cats, especially – are usually anxious on moving day. Think about how and when you’ll transport your pets to your new apartment. You may need someone to help you care for your pets until all of your belongings are moved into your new apartment. On moving day, make sure pets are in a safe area, away from open doors, because they may try to escape if they feel extreme anxiety. 

Keep fireworks in mind

If you’re moving to apartments in Brownsburg (or anywhere in Indiana) around July 4th, odds are you’re going to hear fireworks. If your pets are distressed by the sound of fireworks, consider drowning out that noise with a box fan or a radio.

Keep pets cool

Start your car and run the air-conditioning to cool your car before transporting your pets. Never leave pets unattended in a car, and allow your pet access to fresh water throughout the day. 

Keep pets away from dangerous items

Anxious pets riding in a car with unsecured items, such as cleaning products, shoes, or paper products, may chew on or eat things that could make them ill. 

Pet-friendly Brownsburg Indiana Apartments

At Union Green apartments in Brownsburg, we understand that pets are like family. That’s why we welcome dogs and cats here, and we have a private fenced dog park and dog-washing spa.

If you’re looking for a luxury apartment in a trendy, walkable neighborhood, come see Union Green. Call to schedule a quick tour: (317) 653-3307.

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