How to Host a Party in a Small(ish) Apartment

Tips for Entertaining

People choose to live at Union Green’s Brownsburg Indiana apartments for different reasons. Some live here because of the luxury amenities, some want to be in a trendy area, and some move here because they want to downsize. 

Downsizing from a house to an apartment can be a refreshing change. It may take time to get accustomed to living in a smaller space, but you can still do many of the things you did as a homeowner, including hosting a party. We’ve got some tips on how to host a gathering in a small(ish) space. 

Host a Summer Brunch

If you host a party in the winter, you’ll need to make room for your guests’ coats, accessories (and snow boots, perhaps). In the summer, people won’t have a lot of excess items that they need to stow.

No room for a large dining table? No problem! Brunch doesn’t have to be a seated occasion. Small items – like mini-quiches, grapes, and bite-size breakfast sandwiches – are perfect for serving on a buffet. At brunch, you can also get by with just a few beverage options (coffee, mimosas, and water), rather than supplying a wide range of drinks for guests. You’ll need less room for storing and refrigeration, and you won’t have a pile of cans and bottles to recycle at the end of your party. 

Make it an Open House

Invite people to a weekend open house, and state the start and end time in your event invite. Your guests will understand that you don’t expect them to be there the whole time, and they won’t expect you to feed them a full meal. Guests tend to arrive at different times, so your apartment shouldn’t feel too crowded at any given time. 

Rent Some Furniture

Many boutique companies in and around Indianapolis offer upscale and vintage decor for rent. If you need to add some seating, a wet bar, or a sideboard, you can probably rent the pieces you need rather than buy new furniture.

Picture Yourself Here

Union Green’s Brownsburg luxury apartment community features unique floor plans and top-notch amenities. Whether you’re looking to downsize, or you want a large apartment in a trendy and walkable neighborhood, we think you’ll love living here. Call today to get a closer look: (317) 653-3307

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