How to Clean Upscale Apartment Finishes

Cleaning Tips for Granite, Stainless Steel, and More

Union Green’s Brownsburg Indiana apartments have finishes that renters want in a luxury home: stainless steel appliances and fixtures, granite or natural stone countertops, and chic engineered plank flooring. These surfaces are resilient and beautiful, but harsh or abrasive cleaners can leave them looking scratched or dull. 

Avoid damaging the surfaces in your luxury apartment. See our cleaning tips below!

Plank Flooring Care

Engineered plank flooring looks like natural wood, but it’s much easier to clean (hardwood cleaners should not be used on plank flooring). Spot-clean as necessary with a damp towel, and wipe dry. To clean larger areas, use a damp mop.

Wipe up any spills immediately. To remove stains, use a product made specifically for vinyl plank flooring. 

Stainless Steel Cleaning

You can use a soft liquid cleanser and sponge to clean stainless steel sinks, but don’t use cleanser on stainless steel appliances, unless the product is labeled for that use. Stainless steel appliances have a thin protective coating that cleansers can damage. Use a damp sponge and a bit of gentle dish soap for routine cleaning, wiping dry with a soft cloth. For heavier cleaning, make sure you use a cleanser for stainless steel appliances. 

Granite and Natural Stone

Granite and other types of sealed natural stone are generally easy to clean with a damp cloth or sponge. But for food stains and oily residue, pick up a stone cleaning product at your local home improvement store. Products that aren’t formulated for granite may cause etching (dull spots and scratches).

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Receive up to $2500 in visa gift cards plus waived admin fee ($150 value) if you apply within 24 hours! Expires 2/29 - Call today!

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