Facts About Brownsburg Indiana

Learn About the Town of Brownsburg

In 1821, the area that is now Brownsburg was a densely forested wilderness. Today, it’s a thriving small town with luxury apartments, single-family homes, and ample public green space. This fast-growing community has been a railroad town, a farming community, a healthcare hub – and it’s considered one of the best places to live in Central Indiana.

Here are some other lesser-known facts about the town of Brownsburg: 

The town was originally called Harrisburg.

Although James B. Brown was the first settler in the area, the town was initially called Harrisburg, named for William Harris, a settler whose land was near the modern-day intersection of Green and Main streets. The name Harrisburg, however, was already in-use in another Indiana county, so the town had to change its name, and “Brownsburg” was the obvious choice. 

The population skyrocketed after 1950.

Between 1850 and 1950, Brownsburg gained about 1,400 residents – the population numbered 1,578 in 1950. More than 25,000 people live in Brownsburg now. 

An iconic Brownsburg building appeared in a major motion picture.

The College Avenue Gym was a filming locale for the 1986 film, “Hoosiers.” (The gym was demolished in 1990 to make way for new condominiums).

The town library has preserved numerous historical documents.

The Brownsburg Library, which opened in 1918, has an online repository of images and documents dating back to around 1900. Visitors can access the repository to see what the town looked like over the years and learn about its previous residents.

Brownsburg leadership is planning a new park.

In 2017, the Brownsburg Park Board and Town Council approved the purchase of 51 acres of residential land in the same area where the town originally began. Plans for the property are still in development, but the new park may include multi-use athletic fields, shelters, trails, and a nature center. 

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