Dogs and Moving

How to Help Your Pet Adjust

Union Green apartments in Brownsburg is a pet-friendly community with a dog park and dog-washing spa designed to make dogs feel welcome. Still, dogs that are new to this community may need some time before they truly feel comfortable. You may be able to help them adjust to their new surroundings by doing the following: 

Keep Their Favorite Items

When you’re moving into a new luxury apartment, you might be tempted to ditch the old dog bed and replace those badly worn toys. But in your new apartment, your dog will feel more relaxed around familiar items. So, keep that dog bed for a while, and replace it in a few months when your dog feels safe and secure. 


Most dogs can be easily trained to enter a crate for rest and sleep, and usually, an insecure dog will feel much safer inside of its crate. Incremental training – allowing your dog to gradually become more comfortable in or near the crate – is important for creating an overall positive experience (never force a dog into a crate). Leave the crate door open when you’re home, so your dog can enter if it wants to. (Look around online for specific tips on how best to crate-train your pup). 

Get a Sitter

Dogs who experience separation anxiety may have difficulty adjusting to life in a new apartment if they’re often home alone. Consider hiring a dog-walker to check in on your pet once a day, or schedule a drop-off at a local doggy daycare. Most dogs burn off a lot of energy in daycare, which means they’ll sleep better at night. 

Explore the Area

Take your dog to the dog park as often as possible, so your pet can get to know other residents. Stroll over to Arbuckle Acres Park and enjoy the walking trail. Allowing your pet to experience the sights and scents of your new neighborhood may help ease moving-related anxiety. 

See Your New Home

Union Green’s pet-friendly community includes ground-floor apartments with quick access to the outside. Come see your new luxury apartment – call us today!  (317) 286-7242

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Receive a Visa gift card up to $2000! Contact the leasing office for details!
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