Decorating Tips for an Open Floor Plan

How to Arrange Your Space

Union Green’s Brownsburg Indiana apartments feature open-concept floor plans, because that’s what today’s renters want. And when we show apartments to prospective tenants, we usually hear one or both of these comments:

“This is SO COOL!”

“Where do I put my sofa?”

If you’re not 100% confident in your interior decorating skills, don’t worry – we’ve got some tips on how to arrange your open-concept apartment. 

Sofa Placement

The default placement for a sofa is against a solid wall, but it doesn’t have to be there. Think about how you’ll use your space, and you can start to envision where your sofa should be. For example, if you’d like to use part of your living room as an office area, the back of your sofa can help define the perimeter of that space. 

Planning to have friends over for dinner? You’ll probably want the sofa to be positioned so that people can sit there while you’re preparing food, and you can communicate with them. Place your sofa perpendicular to your kitchen island, in a place where guests don’t have to strain to see you. 

If you’re looking for a new sofa for your new apartment, you can’t go wrong with a small sectional. Look for a sofa that can be reconfigured easily, so you can experiment with placement, add pieces, or use each section as separate individual seating. 

TV Placement

If you plan to put a TV in your living space and want cable television, you’ll have to place your TV somewhere near the cable input. You also might want to put it somewhere that you can see from the kitchen. A wall-mount television on an articulating arm can be repositioned for maximum versatility. 

Pick a Focal Piece 

An apartment with an open floor plan and 12-foot ceilings is the perfect setting for a large piece of art. Choose art with colors that complement other items – area rugs and throw pillows, for example – and you’ll create a cohesive look. 

See for Yourself

Interested in getting a closer look at our open-concept luxury apartments? Call to schedule a visit: (317) 653-3307.

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