At Home Alone? These Apps May Help

Technology That Can Bridge the Gap

Remember how before “social distancing,” the smartphone had developed a reputation for making people less “present” or engaged in social activities? Now, your smartphone may be the best way to connect with the people in your life! Texting, however, may not be enough to keep you engaged while you’re holed-up in your apartment. Union Green has some tips for you on apps to combat the social-distancing blues.


Snapchat adds some levity to texting, because you can send selfies and apply fun filters, drawings, and special effects. You can interact privately with people or share “Snaps” with a larger audience. If you like Snapchat, check out Snap Camera, a video app that lets you apply filters and effects to yourself and your surroundings when you’re using your computer’s video camera. 

Google Meet

Get together with friends and family via Google Meet! This video conferencing app lets you meet with up to 250 people, and it’s perfect for smaller groups. To see everyone’s picture at the same time on your screen, download the Google Meet Grid View browser extension for Chrome.

Create a virtual dinner party, and invite guests to dress up and enjoy whatever foods they like as you share anecdotes. You can even carry your laptop to different areas of your apartment, so your “guests” feel like they’re at your place. 

Virtual Games

Do you miss playing games with friends? You can still play remote video games and board games with the right apps. Thrillist has a good rundown of multiplayer remote games, including Monopoly and Mario Kart Tour.

Calming Apps

When you’re feeling anxious, sometimes you need an outside source to help you gain perspective. There are several apps – Simple Habit, Calm, and Headspace, for example – that are designed to help users relax and/or meditate.

Get a Virtual Look

At Union Green, we understand the importance of social distancing. That’s why we offer virtual apartment tours and online leasing. Call us today to ask about availability: (317) 653-3307

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Receive a Visa gift card up to $2000! Contact the leasing office for details!
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