5 Reasons to Hire an Apartment Decorator

Refresh Your Style With Professional Help

When you look at photos of Union Green apartments in Brownsburg, you’ll notice that everything works together – the furniture, the colors, and even the placemats on the kitchen island. That’s all thanks to an interior decorator. 

An interior decorator can help you refresh your personal style or help you define it, if you’re not sure what your style is. Check out these five reasons to hire an interior decorator: 

1. They have resources

An experienced interior decorator knows exactly where to buy a variety of items. That may include wholesale vendors, auctions, private sellers, or out-of-the-way boutiques. They may also get professional discounts on custom-made furniture. 

2. They help you stay focused

Choosing a color, fabric, size, and style for a new sofa can be an overwhelming task. Decorators present their customers with a finite number of choices, so the decision-making process is easier. 

3. They can help you edit

If you’re moving from a large home to an apartment, a decorator can help you decide what items to keep, based on the layout and size of your new apartment, and the overall style concept. 

4. They know how to combine different styles

An eclectic mix of antiques and modern pieces can create an interesting space; however, it can also make a room look disjointed and cluttered. A professional decorator knows how to artfully mix different styles without overwhelming a space. 

5. They can help you avoid expensive mistakes

Decorators know how materials wear over time. You might want a hand-knotted silk rug, but if you have a dog, a decorator will tell you that rug isn’t the best choice. 

See Your New Space

Union Green’s luxury apartments in Brownsburg are the ideal setting for your upscale furniture and decor. We have available units in two premium color palettes, with options such as polished quartz countertops, 12’ ceilings, and craftsman-quality cabinetry. Call to get a closer look at Union Green: (317) 653-3307.

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